From the Principals desk

Dear Students,

Education is a great journey that you are undertaking through several years of passage during which you have the opportunity to acquire great knowledge and tools to develop your potentialities to their fullest. Education develops your character and the values you imbibe will help you be prepared to take on challenges and succeed.We are proud to have all of you in our school and believe in your abilities to develop into extraordinary human beings and bring laurels to yourself, your parents, our school and the country.The school will leave no stone unturned to help you succeed in this great journey you undertake. On your part, you need to understand that your responsibility is to ensure that you do justice to your time in the school by being dedicated to your studies and are also actively involved in sports and extra-curricular activities as they come up. All of that involvement will help shape your eventual success in school and beyond.Schooldays are amongst the most endearing years of our lives and we hope you will carry some great memories when you eventually leave the school, hopefully when you pass out of senior school here with high scores. We wish you the very best always and May God’s blessings be with you.

Warm Regards

Komala Nair,

Principal and Correspondent
Kennedy Matriculation Higher Secondary School