Admissions and Regulations

The school follows strict regulations when it comes to admissions and discipline.

  • Students in KG Grades are assigned seats on first come basis between the months of May and July.
  • Students may also be granted admissions later in the year in KG Grades based on seat availability
  • Students for higher grades are assigned admissions based on seats available and eligibility criteria that includes transfer certificate from the school attended last.
  • The school authorities reserve the right refuse admission to any pupil without assigning reason.
  • A week's notice in writing is required for the removal of a Student. The requisition should be made by the parent or guardian of the boy concerned.

You can download Registration form for admissions anytime of the year and mail us. We will get back to you based on seat availability

Course Groups (XI & XII)

Languages :        English, Tamil, Hindi, French

Group 1 :              Maths , Physics, Chemistry , Computer Science

Group 2 :              Maths , Physics , Chemistry , Biology

Group 3 :              Accountancy , Commerce, Economics , Computer Science